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The Honeybee - a film by G Sentinalle  (Wannabee Films), 43 mins. playing time (2009)

"The story of a colony with close-up footage of the queen, workers and drones, depicting wax production, communication, foraging, defence and much more.  It tells the story of the natural history of the honeybee, apis mellifera, with wonderful sequences, beautifully filmed and featuring remarkable new shots of the bees in their every day lives.

Honeybees live in a highly complex social community and their world is beautifully illustrated in this remarkable film. The Honeybee is the story of the life of a colony with previously unseen close up footage of the queen, workers and drones, featuring communication within the next, the excitement of the swarm, wax production; foraging for food, water and propolis, defence, disease and the survival of the bees through the winter.

While it is intended for viewing by non beekeepers, all beekeepers will enjoy this stunning film."

This film is about honey bees and colony natural history essentially, not about beekeeping per se.

To  get this film please use these four links to download the 4 necessary files, which in all amount to ~ 1.9 GB (!):

Sentinella 01
Sentinella 02
Sentinella 03

If you do download as above, you need decent broadband, of course, and it will take over an hour at 2 or 3 Mbps (!)   If you have poor broadband connectivity or a low ISP monthly traffic allowance, ask for a DVD copy. 

To play, use a player such as Windows Media Player - or VLC Media Player for the MAC OS.  Open up any of the four VOB files (the VIDEO one or one of the three VTS ones); the film should start at the beginning, regardless of the choice of file.

If you need help, contact:
Dave James
01769 561 002
davidsjames on Skype